Performance Center 12.5 Upgrade Tips/Tricks

Here is a few things you need to consider before upgrading HP Performance Center to version 12.5 (Official install guide can be found Here):

  • SQL Server Version. HP recommends using SQL 2014 for the back-end of ALM. If that server is shared, upgrading might not be possible without significant coordination, if possible at all. Creating a new server might be the best way to remedy this issue.
  • Clean-up. Prior to upgrading to the latest version, cleaning up your existing PC instance is a great idea. This will make the project migration project smoother as the DBs will be smaller.
    • Within the OS:
      • Cleaning up old log files
      • Removing unnecessary applications
      • Install Windows Patches
      • Defrag. Drives
    • Within PC:
      • Deleting old Runs
      • Removing old scripts
      • Deleting Old Monitor Profiles
      • Cleaning-up Trend Reports
      • Deleting old Users
      • Updating permissions for existing users
    • Verifying Project settings and Pools.
  • If your fortunate enough to upgrade PC and leverage new servers using the most recent (and compatible) version of Windows will pay off in the long run. This minimizes the impact of future PC upgrades while ensuring your using the latest technology.
  • Prepping the install files. To minimize the downtime copy the necessary install files to the systems in question ahead of time to minimize the installation time.
  • Patch, Patch Patch. Don’t forget to install the latest patches after you upgrade.

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